Goldierocks swings by to tell us why she loves Brixton and why Brixton Oxjam is so great!

Firstly, whereabouts in London are you based?

Greenland Dock. Right on the river, near Greenwich. I feel The Thames breathes life force into the city.

What do you love about Brixton and the music scene here?

I lived in Brixton for a month one very hot summer and loved how eclectic the music scene was there. On one street corner it felt like you were hanging out in Montego Bay, Jamaica- listening to old ragga soundsystems, but then turn a street and you’d see lines of punk rockers queuing up to see a headline show at Brixton Academy. Come the weekend ravers in their hundreds pay pilgrimage to Brixton, getting hot and sweaty in the deep house and UK funky clubs. It’s a marvellous place.

Why would you like to support Brixton Oxjam and why would you recommend people get their tickets?

As a long time supporter of Oxfam I urge the public to support the organistaion as much as possible. Especially their work surrounding the Syrian refugee crisis. I went out to visit Zaatari in Jordan (the biggest Syrian refugee camp) in September and was blown away by the essential work they do there. Without Oxfam thousands of people would be dying. By supporting Oxjam not only are you supporting brilliant live music, and having a good time, but you’re saving lives.

So what’s the best event you’ve ever performed at?

The Opening Ceremony of the Paralympic Games London 2012, last summer. I programmed and performed the soundtrack to the athletes parade so was DJing in the arena to 85,000 people and millions watching on TV at home. It was epic. Such a surreal and overwhelming experience. I felt like Beyonce!

What was the first record you ever bought?

Probably something hideously uncool like a Jive Bunny compilation, and then The Spice Girls ‘wannabe’ on tape. But then I slowly cut my teeth and was really into emo rock- bands like Tetra Splendour, Vex Red and Biffy Clyro from back in the day, before getting into house and techno in my teens and sneaking off to raves.

What is your favourite tune of all time?

Wow. That’s a big ask. Switch ‘a bit patchy’ reminds me of the first time I went raving. Rob Da Bank was playing it out at the time and it was such a eureka moment as to what dance music does to people.

Finally, what advice would you give to our performers at The Oxjam Brixton Takeover?

Enjoy it! Perform your socks off, feel the music and just have fun

For more information about Goldierocks: / @goldierocks



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